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Meet the Kringle Family

The Kringles are a long line of tinkerers, mechanics, engineers, and craftsmen whose family history and North Pole roots date back centuries. Their kind spirit and love of giving drove them to use their almost supernatural skills to build machines that could make all kinds of toys and gifts. They also created the ways and means to deliver those toys and gifts, the ones that people had wished for, to everybody. Some say they are the real Santa Claus, but they will never tell. 

From time to time Kringle's Filling Station appears in a new location for the Christmas season. Each night those few weeks a year, the Kringle family, open up the garage and visit. They like to show off the latest sleigh they've been working on or an amusement they have conjured up, sharing the warmth of the season with whoever comes by. If you ask a Kringle if they are the real Santa Claus they will laugh it off. But it’s a good idea to tell them what you want for Christmas, just in case!

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